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Accelerated Masterís Programs (AMPs)

Current Accelerated Masterís Programs (AMPs) at the University of Arizona are listed below. For information regarding requirements for each program, please contact the sponsoring academic unit.

To ensure the most direct and timely completion of an AMP, students should consult with an academic advisor in the corresponding undergraduate program(s) for assistance in selecting appropriate course work for the undergraduate program(s) that will also support the masterís program. 

Departments interested in obtaining more information about or assistance with creating a new AMP may contact Dianne Horgan,, 621-9223.


Accelerated Masterís Program
         Corresponding Undergraduate Program(s)

Sponsoring Academic Unit

Atmospheric Sciences, MS
         Physics BS

Atmospheric Sciences, Dept of

Biochemistry, MS
         Biochemistry, BS

Chemistry & Biochemistry, Dept of

Biomedical Engineering, MS
         Biosystems Engineering, BSBE 
         Chemical Engineering, BSChE 
         Systems Engineering, BSSyE

Biomedical Engineering Graduate Interdisciplinary Program

Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics, MS
         Civil Engineering, BSCvE

Civil Engineering & Engineering Mechanics, Dept of

Computer Science, MS
         Computer Science, BS

Computer Science, Dept of

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, MS
         Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, BS

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Dept of

Electrical & Computer Engineering, MS
         Electrical & Computer Engineering, BSECE

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Dept of

French, MA
         French, BA

French and Italian, Dept of

Human Language Technology, MS
         Linguistics, BA  
         Computer Science, BS * 
         Management Information Systems, BSBA * 
         Mathematics, BA, BS * 
         Computational Linguistics Thematic Minor * 

Linguistics, Dept of

Journalism, MA
         Journalism, BA

Journalism, School of

Molecular & Cellular Biology, MS
         Molecular & Cellular Biology, BS

Molecular & Cellular Biology, Dept of

Microbiology & Pathobiology, MS
         Microbiology, BS
         Veterinary Science, BS

Veterinary Science & Microbiology, Dept of

Planning, MS
         Architecture, B. Arch
         Geography, BS
         Regional Development, BS

Landscape Architecture & Planning, School of 

Systems & Industrial Engineering, MS
         Systems Engineering, BSSyE

Systems & Industrial Engineering, Dept of

       * With approval of major/minor advisor.


Last updated 04/27/2011

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