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Student Diversity

Characteristics in an educational community that help define and shape diversity include the diversification of the student body and faculty, the availability of University-wide resources, and initiatives undertaken to reach the University’s goals and vision for a diverse campus. To that end, listed below are demographic trends of students, faculty, and staff. The campus resources section highlights the initiatives, resources, student support centers, and committees at the UA.

University of Arizona Demographic Trends:

Student Data: enrollment, persistence and other demographic trends

University of Arizona Fact Book for current-year student data.

The University of Arizona campus has many resources to serve its diverse student body, faculty, and staff.

IPEDS Human Resources Survey
  • Note, while the employee totals will match between the UA Fact Book and the IPEDS Human Resources surveys, the categorization of employee groups will not. IPEDS groupings are based on federal reporting guidelines.
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