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Academic Programs and Organizations

This site is being replaced. The links below will remain in place until work is completed on the new site. You will be redirected to the site within a few seconds.

You may also go directly to the new site here: Curricular Affairs

  • Create a new academic program or organizational unit.
  • Make changes to existing programs or organizational units.
  • Create a graduate certificate, accelerated master's program or dual graduate program.
  • Request academic program controls for academic programs, minors, and/or courses.
  • Participate in a Multi-University Consortium Agreement.
  • Develop student learning outcomes and assessment methods.
  • Access a list of currently approved academic programs.
  • Access Curriculum Bulletins.
  • View history of academic changes since 1979.
  • View official notification of changes memos.
  • Access program and organization documents.
  • Access an academic committee calendar of meeting dates.

We've also made the necessary forms available for download, as well as information about recent changes to the UA program inventory. If you can't find the information you need here, please let me know!

Please Note: The guidelines for creating a new academic program, planning phase, have changed. Student learning outcomes and assessment methods will only be required for the implementation phase of the approval process. Please see Policy 2-203, Academic Program Planning Implementation at: ABOR Policy 2-203, for more information.

Program/unit Processing Information

Special Graduate Programs

Academic Program Controls

Multi-University Consortium Agreement

  • Request for Participation in Multi-University Consortiums -- please contact the Provost's Office.

UA Research Units

Academic Program Information

Other Program Information

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